Van Oord using Cleopatra Enterprise to improve the quality of tender estimations in Offshore Wind Business

Integration between Cleopatra Enterprise and Van Oord

Van Oord, one of the world’s most renowned dredging and offshore contractors, has selected Cleopatra Enterprise as their cost estimation software of choice.

The implementation of Cleopatra Enterprise is part of the company’s initiative to improve efficiency by digitalization.

“Increasing size & complexity of offshore projects is driving the need to use the right tools for cost estimation, in order to make sound commercial and investment decisions,” said Christiaan des Bouvrie, CEO of Cost Engineering, the owner company of Cleopatra Enterprise.

“During the evaluation phase, we’ve gotten to know Van Oord as a great company to work with, largely due to the passionate and driven professionals in the organization. It’s one of the Netherland’s most prominent companies in the offshore industry and we’re excited to be able to serve them for years to come.”

Cleopatra will initially be implemented for Van Oord’s Offshore Wind business line to support their project tender estimates, with the intention to roll out throughout other departments. The combination of powerful tools and cloud-based technology will also allow the company to apply the ‘anywhere anytime’ approach.

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