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Cleopatra Cost Management: Explore chosen features & functions and gain insights into the solution

16:00 (CET) | 09:00 (CDT)
60 minutes

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Comprehensive cost management dashboard displaying various financial metrics and performance indicators


Want to perfect your cost management practices with Cleopatra Enterprise?

Then join our next Cleopatra Cost Management webinar to dive into our software’s best progress & change measurement, forecasting, and documentation tools.

In 60 minutes Lars Troost – our customer success manager, – and Babette Schep – our senior cost engineer, will demonstrate how the selected Cleopatra Cost Management features can be utilized at their fullest potential for your projects!


Welcome & introduction

What is cost management and why you need it

Brief introduction to Cleopatra Cost Management

Best practices of chosen features

Sneak preview of Power BI connector



Cleopatra users who are not using the Cost Management Solution yet but are interested in learning about it

Cleopatra users who are already using the Cost Management Solution and want to get better at it

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Featured speakers

Babette Schep

Senior Cost Engineer

As a Senior Cost Engineer, Babette has been involved in leading Cleopatra Enterprise software implementation projects. She coordinated several steps of those implementations. From leading a Needs Assessment Workshop, to training the team and assisting in initial pilot projects. Babette’s implementation projects took place in numerous industries around the world and within various Cleopatra solutions. Her notable example clients include Tüpras, Rijkswaterstaat, TC Energy and Nouryon.

Babette holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Policy and Management and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Lars Troost
Lars Troost

Customer Success Manager Cleopatra Enterprise

Working as a Customer Success Manager for Cleopatra, Lars Troost assists clients in improving their project control activities with the combination of software tooling and consultancy services. He has been working with multiple clients in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.

Lars was involved in multiple software implementation projects, and led training sessions on the Cleopatra software tool.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Management of Innovation.

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