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The Future of Project Controls: Integrated Project Controls (IPC) Approach

Friday, 20 March 2020
11:00 AM (Australian EDT) | 08:00 AM (Australian WST)
45 minutes

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Advancement in technologies, increased communication capabilities and connectivity of devices provide a great opportunity to control technical projects smartly and more efficiently.

However, the common ways of controlling projects still lead to huge cost overruns and schedule delays. Completion costs are 59% higher than initial cost estimates on average.

This webinar will get you thinking about the root causes of overruns and delays and will show how you can apply an integrated project controls (IPC) approach to overcome these challenges. With this, you will establish a continuous improvement process for your project controls.

Additionally, real-life demonstration of empirically-valid QRA application practices will enrich your familiarity with recommended methods and help you apply them to your own projects of any scope and at any phase.

You will learn:

Why it is important to see project controls as an integrated approach, instead of a collection of individual disciplines

How you can avoid the most common pitfalls in integrating estimating, scheduling, cost management and benchmarking

What different levels of integration can be achieved and the benefits you can derive from them

How you can identify your organization’s maturity level of Integrated Project Controls (IPC)

How to take the appropriate actions based on your organization’s maturity level of IPC

How Cleopatra Enterprise, the advanced project cost management software, can help you achieve Integrated Project Controls

Featured speakers

Gideon Klipstein
Gideon Klipstein

Gideon Klipstein is the Vice President Business of Cost Engineering Consultancy, the company behind Cleopatra Enterprise, one of the world’s front-running Project Cost Management software solutions. Next to developing software, the company is one of the leading consultancies in the field of Project Controls, as well as an established knowledge provider with their Cost Engineering Academy.

Gideon holds Bachelor, Post Bachelor and Post Master’s degrees in various Business Administration topics and has been providing services to numerous large industrial companies for about 10 years.

During that time, Gideon has built up an international network in various industries such as mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, energy, offshore, chemicals and shipbuilding. In his current job, he advises companies how to improve their project control activities with the combination of software tooling, consultancy services and the Academy.

Additionally to the above, Gideon is leading the company’s strategic business development initiatives in the Australasian region.

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