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Cleopatra Enterprise

The #1 Total Project & Turnaround Management Platform

Improve the performance of your next project with Cleopatra Enterprise. Dedicated for complex projects like CAPEX, OPEX, turnaround, and maintenance events.

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Cleopatra covers the entire project life cycle by including functionalities for different project controls disciplines in one advanced system.

With centralized data at its heart, Cleopatra ensures continuous improvement of project performance, and successful digital transformation.

complete project lifecycle
Factory icon beside power on/off button, representing turnaround management

Turnaround Management

Chart showing upward trends representing earned value management

Project Cost Management

Box symbolizing work pack management scoping

Work Pack Management

Calendar next to a box representing work pack planning

Work Pack Planning

Construction machine, representing execution management

Execution Management

A target representing scope management

Scope Management

Chart showing upward trends representing earned value management

Cost Management

Chart comparing performance with a dollar, representing earned value management

Earned Value Management

Briefcase representing portfolio management

Portfolio Cost Management

A calculator to do estimations

Cost Estimating

Calendar representing scheduling


Mobile phone with a checklist, representing the concept of field change management in project management

Change Management

a judge's gavel, symbolizing the concept of tendering and contracting

Tendering & Contracting

a construction hat symbolizing rate building

Rate Building

Icon of a benchmarking infographic comparing performance with bars to a straight line

Data Analytics

3D cube model representing building information modeling

Building Information Modelling

Interconnected processes in a cyclical flow, representing total cost management


Designed to support owners, EPC contractors and engineering firms worldwide, Cleopatra accommodates the specific needs and requirements of demanding projects in several industries.

Fully integrated platform

Covers the entire project lifecycle. Smart integration with 3rd party tools.

The innovative SaaS solution

ISO 27001 certified state-of-the-art technology.

25+ years of experience

Digital technologies combined with deep industry expertise.

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