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Cleopatra Benchmarking: Best practices for improving project performance

50 minutes

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Cleopatra Benchmarking webinar 2023

Want to improve your experience with Cleopatra Enterprise? To see a brief introduction to the Benchmarking solution or explore it further, become better at it?

In the world of project controls, efficient benchmarking has shown to be a game-changer when it comes to boosting a project performance.

During the webinar, our experts Job Danhof and Thijs Blackstone will provide an exclusive sneak peek into the advanced features of Cleopatra Benchmarking that can take your benchmarking efforts to a whole new level.

Cleopatra Benchmarking allows you to extract metrics from executed and running projects, perform big data analytics on the historical project data, compare performance of projects and common assets, and improve the accuracy and reliability of the future cost estimates.

In 50 minutes, you will learn:

What benchmarkingis, and why it is important in your projects

The top benefits of comparing your project performance against that of your past projects

What you need to know before starting with benchmarking Cleopatra

Do’s & Don’ts of Cleopatra Benchmarking

Best practices of chosen features


Cleopatra Enterprise users interested in/want to know more about the Cleopatra Benchmarking solution but not using it yet

Cleopatra Enterprise users who are already using the Cleopatra Benchmarking solution and want to get better at it

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Featured speakers

Job Danhof
Job Danhof

Implementations team lead

Job is an all-round cost engineer responsible for running the team of implementation consultants and project managers at Cleopatra Enterprise. He has over 10 years of experience in the field and holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and design of aircraft and rotorcraft.

Thijs Blackstone

Cleopatra Specialist

Thijs is a partner manager and a Cleopatra Enterprise software specialist. He works closely with the Cost Engineering Academy, Competence Centers & Partners to safeguard software implementations, requirements, competencies, and quality delivery of the portfolios.

Thijs is a master’s graduate of the Delft University of Technology where he studied Sustainable Energy Technology and Applied Physics.

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