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Digitalization of project controls in the chemical industry: The need for a shift

50 minutes

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Chemicals being handled in a laboratory

The chemical industry is far less digitalized than other industries – especially in project controls.

Still a lot of work is performed manually. Therefore, companies face issues like a lack of data transparency and standardization in the cost estimate and cost control processes. However, the benefits of digitalization are huge – an expected cost reduction of 20 % due to integration and automation.

How can chemical companies start reaping the benefits of today’s technology?

Join us as we discuss:

The state of the chemical industry – more complex and slowing down performance

The 3 trends which may change the future of the industry

Technology adoption in the chemical industry

The need to digitalize project controls

Maximizing the cost-effectiveness along the project lifecycle from cost estimation to cost control, benchmarking, collaboration, and data analytics through an integrated digital approach to project controls

An intro to the implications of the software system Cleopatra Enterprise and how it can help

Featured speaker

Vanessa Sutterlüti

Project Controls Expert

After accumulating several years of international experience, Vanessa now works as Project Controls Expert at Cost Engineering Consultancy serving companies in North America and Europe with the advanced software solution Cleopatra Enterprise.

In this way, Vanessa helps major companies in industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, energy, and mining to improve their project control processes. Furthermore, Vanessa is a regular speaker at project control events.

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