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Power BI in project controls – the top ways to optimize and visualize data

60 minutes

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Man using Power BI on his laptop to optimize and visualize project data

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Cost and time efficiency of your project depends heavily on the accuracy of your data and data analytics. Thankfully, the newest digital technologies offer a wide range of possibilities not only to successfully optimize project data but to analyze and visualize it. But are you keeping up with the latest opportunities of digital tools?

In this webinar, our experts will introduce how to use Power BI in combination with an advanced project controls software tool. You will see how such a power couple can help you bring your cost estimation and project controls  to their highest potential while reducing project costs and saving time.

Join us to get a sneak-peek into Cleopatra’s proudest data optimization tool – Power BI connector.

In 60 minutes, you will learn:

How data analytics can boost your project performance

The advantages of using the project optimization tools for data analytics

What Cleopatra Power BI connector is and its’ advantages

Practical examples of how to use Power BI to analyze the Cleopatra data

How to create efficient Power BI dashboards and reports for cost estimation and cost management

Featured speakers

Sharon Bosch

Implementation and Power BI expert at Cleopatra Enterprise

Sharon holds a Master’s degrees in food technology processing, and chemical engineering and she is a Certified Cost Technician (CCT). Sharon has over 5 years of experience in software implementation consultancy and has worked with numerous multinational companies such as BHP, IMI, Boskalis, Bruce Power, SBM Offshore, Cargill, Albemarle, Baker Hughes.


Shamir Sheikkariem

Project controls specialist of Cleopatra Enterprise

Shamir holds a Bachelor’s degree in mineral resource management and a Master’s degree in mineral geosciences. He has 10 years of operational, active exploration and technology consultancy experience in mining and energy industries in the Netherlands and Suriname.

As a business developer, Shamir is working with notable clients such as Worley, Petrobras, CEPSA, PLW, Fichtner, Sitech, Sigdo & Kopper, and our local partners, Qualidados, Koff & Guerrero, and Verano.