Cleopatra Enterprise and Radix Engineering & Software announce partnership!



Cleopatra Enterprise and Radix Engineering & Software

We are excited to announce that Cleopatra Enterprise joins forces with Radix Engineering & Software – a global technology solutions company at the forefront of innovation!

Radix is a well-recognized company in the area of connecting engineering with technology to address the needs of industry in several markets such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemicals, Metals & Mining, and Pulp & Paper.

Their clients require tools that will support them in making better decisions about investments and projects that will lead them to the objectives they have. Additionally, the clients of Radix require a good understanding of CAPEX and OPEX.

That is when Cleopatra Enterprise comes in.


How it all started for Cleopatra Enterprise and Radix

The partnership between Cleopatra Enterprise and Radix started as all successful partnerships do: by connecting people and identifying the synergies between both companies to develop solutions in a collaborative approach. And the main reason to start this engagement is the value that can be generated by each company in this journey. Radix with its top-level engineering and software capabilities develops solutions and alternatives in collaboration with its clients.

Meanwhile, Cleopatra is a top-tier platform that will allow clients to ensure quality and precision in decision-making about their investments and projects.

By uniting our expertise and unique insights into the digital landscape of project controls and turnaround management, we bring projects in the Latin American markets to a whole new level!


Latin America Industry


What are the goals of our partnership?

The main focus of the Cleopatra enterprise and Radix partnership in the future will be to join forces in encouraging and supporting the digitalization of companies operating in the Latin American & US regions processes as a means to improve project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In our experience having a solid and proven systemic digital integration process is key to achieving a successful digital transformation. This enhances CAPEX and Turnaround project performance, reduces risks, and supports data-driven decision-making processes throughout the lifecycle of an industrial investment.

We are very excited to see this partnership yield its fruits as it brings top players from the technology market together with the best engineers to drive high-quality results for our customers.

Christiaan Des Bouvrie

“This partnership is not just about collaboration; it’s a joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm. We look forward to the fruitful cooperation with our new partners at Radix!”

– Christiaan Bouvrie (CEO | Cleopatra Enterprise)


Carlos Henrique Loyola

“We are very excited to announce this partnership and to expand our capabilities to support our clients in their journey for more sustainable operations and to help them make better decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of their assets. Success is what is built when great people work together.“

Carlos Henrique Loyola (General Manager | Radix)

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